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Miko Fogarty: A Dancer and Medical Student

Miko Fogarty, a renowned ballet dancer, captivates audiences with her grace, precision, and dedication to her craft. Born on April 7, 1998, in Marin County, California, Fogarty discovered her passion for ballet at a young age. Inspired by her mother, who was a ballet dancer herself, Fogarty began training diligently, quickly demonstrating exceptional talent and determination.

At the age of 15, Fogarty gained widespread recognition when a video of her performing the variation from “Don Quixote” at the Prix de Lausanne competition went viral. Her flawless technique and expressive artistry showcased her as a rising star in the ballet world.

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks along the way, including injuries and the intense pressure of the competitive ballet scene, Fogarty persevered with unwavering determination. Her resilience and dedication to her craft propelled her to achieve remarkable success.

Fogarty’s journey to the top of the ballet world is not without its trials and tribulations. She has endured grueling hours of training, relentless self-discipline, and the sacrifices necessary to pursue her dreams. Yet, through it all, she remains steadfast in her commitment to excellence.

EMERY in Hana Lace - Crystal

Today, Miko Fogarty continues to inspire audiences around the world with her breathtaking performances and unwavering passion for ballet. Whether gracing the stage with her graceful movements or sharing her insights and experiences with aspiring dancers, she embodies the true spirit of dedication, perseverance, and artistry. As she continues to evolve as a dancer and an artist, one thing remains constant: Miko Fogarty’s extraordinary talent and indomitable spirit shine brightly, illuminating the world of ballet with each graceful step she takes.

Miko and student in CHLOE leotards
Miko and student in CHLOE leotards


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