“Commitment Uncompromised. Every AK dancewear is handmade with passion and love. We take pride in our design and material as we are obsessed with details and quality.
Try them, feel them, and love them!”

Alina Khoo

Our Mission

Established in 2018 at Dallas, Texas. Our company mission is simple: Commit to our brand; Never compromise on quality over others. We strives to make timeless, high quality and comfortable to wear garment. Our workmanship are well praised within the industry and our premium material is ethically sourced. We dare you to try them on and experience it yourself.

What is AKxtra™ ?

Ever frustrated with being distracted and feeling self-conscious when wearing light colors leotard?

Introducing AKxtra™, an innovative way to provide super comfortable lining and extra support on the bust area without adding extra layer weight to the leotard. In addition, we eliminated the common “see-through” problem on light colored leotards while keeping it breathable and wicks out moisture to keep dancers dry and comfortable.

AKextra fabrics