2023 Vendor Fair Event at Thalia Mara Hall – Jackson, MS

Reflecting on an unforgettable experience @usaibc πŸŒŸπŸŒŸ We’re over the moon, thrilled, and grateful to have been a part of the Vendor Fair event and overflowing with happiness and gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the incredible dancers, competitors, and everyone involved. 🀩✨ Meeting such exceptional talent was truly inspiring, and we cherished every moment there. πŸŽ‰

A big congratulations to all the award winners and medal recipients! πŸ†πŸ‘ Your remarkable performances deserve all the accolades. 🌟 We also want to celebrate the dedication and artistry displayed by every participant. Each one of you contributed to the magic of this event. πŸ™Œβ€οΈ

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to USA IBC. Being a part of this was an honor, and we were fortunate to witness the magic of Project Tutu by @tutu.comofficial and the beautiful artwork surrounding us in Jackson, MS! ❀️

Dancers! We’re hooked on your incredible journeys and can’t wait to reunite at the XIII USA IBC! πŸŽ‰βœ¨ Until then, keep shining, keep dancing, and keep spreading the love for this beautiful art form! πŸ’ƒπŸ€—

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