Express Your Personality With the Chelsea Collection

AK Dancewear has designed an extensive selection of premium dance outfit clothing that’s beautiful and functional. We want dancers of all skills and shapes to feel confident when they head to the dancefloor. Learn more about our gorgeous Chelsea Collection.

Explore Our Dreamy Dance Outfit Choices

What we love most about the Chelsea collection is how it effortlessly blends romance with a touch of whimsy. Pink flowers with grey and black accents are scattered across a white background with this collection. The result is a truly elegant pattern that looks amazing as you twirl around the dancefloor.


We have many different styles of leotards to choose from, both in white and black fabrics. Our Charis leotard includes black stretchy fabric on the front with a twisted front bodice. The gorgeous Chelsea pattern is on the back of the leotard.

One of our favorites is our Ava leotard in white. The high-stretch compression fabric is ultra-smooth and soft. The V-shape back gets trimmed in white lace, giving you a classic look that’s perfect for both in and out of the dance studio.


You can find our iconic AK2in1 and wrap skirts in the Chelsea collection. The AK2in1 skirts are reversible, featuring a solid print on one side and the Chelsea fabric on the other. These skirts come in both charcoal and white.

Our wrap skirts give you the right amount of coverage so you can dance with confidence. The wrap ties are made from the same fabric.


Keep your hair out of your face with a Chelsea scrunchie. We make our scrunchies from the same fabric that our leotards get created from. Accentuate your outfit by wearing the scrunchie in your hair or around your wrist.

Show Your Whimsical Side With Chelsea Print Dancewear

Every item in our Chelsea collection is made with our premium fabric. Stay dry and comfortable while looking gorgeous during your dance practice or routine.


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