Ballet Folklorico is a vibrant and traditional Mexican dance form that celebrates the country’s rich cultural heritage. Here are some facts about Ballet Folklorico:

  1. Historical Roots: Ballet Folklorico has its roots in the 1950s when Amalia Hernandez founded the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. She sought to preserve and promote Mexican traditions through dance. The group has since gained international recognition.
  2. Education and Training: Dancers undergo rigorous training to master the intricate footwork, movements, and expressions associated with each regional dance. This training ensures authenticity in their performances.
  3. Styles and Techniques: Ballet Folklorico is known for its lively, rhythmic, and energetic style. It incorporates traditional Mexican dance movements, footwork, and gestures that reflect the diversity of Mexican regions.
  4. Preservation of Heritage: Beyond its entertainment value, Ballet Folklorico plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, ensuring that these traditions are passed down to future generations.

We are happy to have Joel Cortez teaching and showing a Ballet Folklorico fundamental class to our fellow dancers at our new DFW flagship store. We enjoyed seeing dancers having fun learning new techniques and partnering while dancing in folklorico style. Our first attempt at Ballet Folklorico was a blast, thanks to the incredible Mr Joel Cortez, who brought the rhythm and fun to our dance floor.

At @ak.dancewear , we’re all about pushing boundaries and thriving together. It’s the magic of our dance community! 

To embrace our community program, we continue to host free to public event at our flagship store. If you are interested, join AK Insider and follow us for any upcoming event!

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