Ready to be an AK Dancer?

AK Dancers are aspiring dancers who are head over heels obsessed with dance and have some big goals for themselves! They’re comfortable in their skin (or want to learn how to be), and constantly push their potential while lifting up those around them.

AK Dancers are not just in partnership with AK Dancewear; they’re an extension of our brand. They represent AK Dancewear — and our values of comfort, commitment, community, compassion, and growth — in their community in a way unique to them, and support AK Dancewear by sharing their perspective on the direction of our brand and product.

The AK Dancer program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re just interested in free products in exchange for posting on social media
  • You’re not interested in personal growth and opportunities
  • You don’t want to make new friends or don’t consider yourself a compassionate person
  • You’re already an ambassador for multiple other dance clothing brands
  • You just want the coupon code or discounts
  • You’re not interested in supporting our brand as much as we support you!

AK Dancer applicants should be:

  • A fan of AK Dancewear! You already own and love our products!
  • Actively pursuing dance training.
  • Capable of (and excited to!) fully participating in all aspects of the program.
  • Highly motivated to grow and develop as a dancer and as a person.
  • You love connecting and engaging with us, on or off social media and are excited to grow your relationship with us.

AK Dancer Responsibilities

As an AK Dancer, you’re in partnership with us for a full dance season (August through July). As with any partnership, we expect you to maintain integrity, and to always be in open and honest communication with us.

We count on you to:

  • Uphold the AK Dancewear brand honorably on and off social media
  • Embody passion for dance and represent AK Dancewear with utmost enthusiasm
  • Wear our product regularly, and share your feedback with us
  • Promote our products and brand values through engaging and authentic content via social media and/or word of mouth
  • Be a champion of AK Dancewear, and find a unique way to share your own journey and experiences
  • Connecting with us on a personal level, embrace creativity and innovative ideas to showcase the best of AK Dancewear products and values
  • Participate actively in our vibrant dance community, virtually through social media, or physically in-store, supporting and inspiring fellow dancers
  • Strive to be a positive and empowering role model for dancers of all ages and backgrounds

Program Perks

Community – you get us (and our program guests) in your corner, supporting your growth as a person and a dancer! You’ll also get special access to AK Dancewear events throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to be cast in an AK Dancewear photoshoot.

Product – Unwrap a bundle of exclusive benefits as an AK Dancer, including a welcome gift certificate for use on our website, generous discounts on all purchases throughout your ambassadorship, and exciting surprise dance goodies that may pop up like confetti, because we love to sprinkle joy on our amazing dancers!

Growth – You’ll gain access to a world of opportunities, including regular in-store events and engaging Zoom calls with our fabulous program guests, all tailored to support you in reaching your dance goals! Moreover, unlock chances to receive scholarships for social media content creation, attend YAGP and Summer Intensive events, and indulge in private coaching and photoshoot sessions – all entirely sponsored by AK Dancewear.

Ready to join us?  Follow the instructions for social media posts and complete the application form.  We will contact selected candidates by July 21st, 2024.

Open to all dancers! International applicants are welcome!  Applicants under 18 years old must have parental/legal guardian consent to apply.


  1. Follow and Connect with us on our social media platforms
    Instagram @ak.dancewear   Tik Tok @ak.dancewear
  2.  Post (at least TWO separate posts) why you want to be an ambassador wearing or showcasing one of our products and tag @ak.dancewear and in the photo/video with the hashtag #iamAKdancer #AKSearch2024 in the caption.   
  3. Complete this Application Form in its entirety


— Application CLOSES June 30th, 2024 —

Application is closed.


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